Maximise Your Results in Less Time with Less Effort

High Altitude or Hypoxic Environment Training has been used for many years by athletes across many sports to improve performance. The lower oxygen concentration in an altitude environment causes the body to be more efficient at using fuel and oxygen, and triggers a variety of physiological responses and changes in your body at a number of levels that improve your metabolic efficiency. Hypoxic Training sessions can give you a great workout with much less stress on your body while at the same time give you enhanced results.

Slow Down the Ageing Process

Inefficient oxygen utilisation accelerates aging, whilst efficient oxygen utilisation minimises the effects of aging on the body. Hypoxic Training in a simulated high altitude environment makes our bodies use oxygen more effectively, thereby slowing down the aging process and increasing the characteristics of youthfulness.

Altitude Training Technology is currently used by:

  • The Australian Institute of Sport and many other world class institutes of sports.
  • Many professional sports teams such as Collingwood, Lions, St Kilda, Crows, Suns, Storm, Titans, South Sydney, Tigers and the Bulldogs.
  • Elite sports people (including golfers and formula one drivers) seeking to improve co-ordination and performance under stress.
  • Leading edge executives to enhance their performance, decision making, negotiating and cognitive abilities in stressful and demanding situations.
  • Hospitals and beauty clinics to optimise the outcome for their patients and clients